An empty Sulz double or your new home?

Location: The Quad (3009 Broadway)

Nearby Dorms: Barnard Quad (Brooks, Hewit, Reid, Sulz), 600, 616, 620, Carman, Furnald and Schapiro

Stores and Restaurants: Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, Morton Williams, and the Illustrious Hewit and Diana dining halls

Cost:  $11,206 per year; $5,603 per semester (2021 prices)


  • Bathrooms: Each floor shares one stall-style bathroom cleaned by facilities,  which means about 16 people per bathroom. Even-numbered floors are designated gender-inclusive and odd-numbered floors bathrooms are designated female.
  • AC/Heating: Sulz Tower has A/C and heating that you can control from your room’s radiator, which students consider a huge plus 
  • Kitchen: There are two kitchens for the two sides (A and B) of each floor. The kitchens are equipped with a 4-burner stove, microwave, sink, and refrigerator. And, of course, a gorgeous view.
  • Lounge: The lounge area of the kitchen has a table, chairs, couch, and small TV.
  • Laundry: There are no laundry machines in Sulz Tower, so you have to take the elevator down to the 8th-floor laundry room.
  • Computers/Printing: There is a computer lab with printing in the basement.
  • Gym: It’s a short walk to Barnard Hall’s basement gym.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: There is carpet in the corridors, but linoleum tile in the individual rooms.
  • Wifi: There’s a router in each room. 

Room Variety:

  • Modified corridor style
  • 96 singles for seniors only (13 feet x 9 feet)
  • 14 large doubles (16 feet x 13 feet)


  • 124 upper-class students, primarily seniors.
  • Not incredibly difficult to get if you’re a senior who wants to live in a single.
  • If you’re a junior, you might try your luck at a double, but all Sulz Tower singles have gone to seniors in the past.
  • In the 2020 housing lottery, the cut-offs for Sulz Tower singles was 300/100. The seniors with the lowest lottery numbers in the SR123 were number 300/117. This meant that most seniors who wanted a Sulz Tower single, got one. 
  • The cut-offs for Sulz Tower doubles were 100/270, which was one of the first few rising-sophomore groups to choose. 

Bwog Recommendation:

If you are an upperclassman who wants to live right on campus, Sulz is a great option. A lot of things about Sulz make it perfect for independent students, corridor-style living, self-controlled AC/Heat, and the incredible view of the city. As long as you are ok taking an elevator, Sulz is a great option if you don’t want the suite life but still want a communal space.

Resident Opinions

  • “Living in Sulz tower is great. The views are amazing and the people are super friendly and chill. Also being able to control the air condition in my room is ideal.”
  • “The views are beautiful — even facing north had lovely views of the campus and really nice sunsets.”
  • “Room sizes are variable so you may get stuck with a small room, but if you get a view facing the Hudson, it’s amazing and totally worth it.”
  • “It is overhyped and the people are not friendly”

Sulz Room 1 via Bwog Archives