Suite style living? Private kitchens? Incredible views? It can all be yours for the low, low price of the six block walk to campus. 

Location: Southern corner of W 109th and Riverside

Nearby Dorms: Harmony is the closest Columbia dorm, but Nuss and McBain are only a short walk.

Nearby stores/restaurants: Absolute Bagels, Koronet Pizza, Mel’s Burger Bar, Community, H-Mart, CVS, Westside Market

Cost: Upperclassmen rates are projected to be $11,026 per year for 2022-2023.


  • Every suite has two (!) gendered bathrooms, but your RA can help you make them gender neutral if that works best for your suite.
  • Laundry in basement is only accessible by elevator, so if you like dragging your clothes up and down the stairs you’re out of luck I guess?
  • Each suite has a private kitchen, and you’ll probably use it a lot considering how far the dining halls are.  
  • Lounge in every suite with chairs, a TV, and a whiteboard so you can free your inner artists.
  • There’s a gym on the top floor.
  • Fire escapes accessible through kitchens, though students aren’t *technically* allowed on them. But when have rules ever stopped you before?
  • Nice bike storage in the basement!

Room Variety: 

  • 9 floors of 25 singles and 53 doubles
  • Suite style housing, with suites having anywhere between 4-10 rooms
  • Mostly sophomores and SEAS Combined Plan students, but some juniors, seniors, and graduate students live here, too.

Bwog recommendation: 

If you’re a sophomore looking for a suite, Carlton Arms might be the dorm for you. If you can manage to schedule yourself enough time to make it to your classes, the walk really isn’t that bad, especially considering how close you are to so many restaurants and stores. The proximity to Riverside, huge rooms, and the kitchen and bathroom situation make this dorm a great choice to live with all your best friends.

Resident opinions: 

  • “I actually kind of like the walk?”
  • “The views are insane. Nothing beats the sunset over riverside.”
  • “Surprisingly good for parties! EC Lite???”
  • “I accidentally got in shape from power walking to and from class every day.”
  • “It feels like I’m actually living in Morningside Heights.”
  • “The most underrated dorm, probably.”

Photos Via Bwog Archives.