Bwog endorses another one of our own aka a one-of-a-kind catch: Gigi.

Name, Year, School, Major: Gigi, 2024, Barnard, Urban Studies

Preference (girl for girl, etc): Girl for not boys

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: Tries to explain to me what an NFT is

What redeems you as a human being? I’m not afraid to clean other people’s hair from the shower drain

Library room of choice: Milstein second floor carrels

Beverage of choice: Lemon lime AHA seltzer water from the soda machines in the Columbia dining halls

Which dating apps have you been active on? (Be honest.) Bumble, Hinge, NSOP LGBTQ Zoom meet-ups

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Eating snacks in my kitchen with my roommates

Historical Hottie of Choice: Christopher Plummer circa 1965

If interested, email

Gigi on Low Steps via herself