Yog’ or ‘Gurt?

Hewitt – Chobani

Chobani comes in loads of different flavors, so, like Hewitt, it’s pretty varied and can cater to your preferences. In addition, both Chobani and Hewitt are pretty universally liked. You can’t really go wrong. The staff are friendly and I don’t find it super overwhelming, so, overall, Hewitt, like Chobani, is a safe and tasty bet.

East Campus – Skyr 

I went to EC for the first time last weekend and finally understood why it costs so much to go to this school. It’s just so nice. The rooms are spacious, contemporary, and come with their own bathrooms, plus the court between the halls has clearly been well thought out. Skyr, like EC, knows what it’s doing: it’s delicious and modern, and, if you’re anything like me, you feel a little bit jealous when seeing someone else eating it. 

Schermerhorn Extension – Gogurt

I can’t get enough of the Schermerhorn extension! Who came up with it? Why is it structured like that? Why do all the chairs hurt? Why are there so many letters in its name? Where do all the stairways lead? Gogurt, too, is quirky and a bit mystical. And, just like in Schermerhorn, the question of directionality is vital: if you start down the wrong path in Schermerhorn, or point the Gogurt tube somewhere other than your mouth, you could be in real trouble. That was a terrible analogy. You’ve just got to make sure that you’re headed in the right direction, otherwise, you could end up in another dimension (or get yogurt on your shirt). 

Dodge – Danimals

Like Danimals, Dodge is a bit unhinged, but not necessarily in the worst ways. Although the gym can have a rep for being intimidating, you might be surprised how okay it is once you try it. Dodge is pretty fun, actually, but why must it (like this yogurt-esque food) be so wet

Milbank – Stonyfield 

Stonyfield has been in the yog’ business since 1983, and they know what’s up. Milbank, similarly, is on the older side, but that doesn’t mean it’s outmoded. Milbank, like Stonyfield, does its job well, and I think both are actually underrated. 

Butler – Nonfat plain greek yogurt

Yeah, yeah, yeah, greek yogurt is great for you but, really, must you have it completely plain? At least toss some granola in there! Like Butler, although practical and efficient, nonfat greek yogurt is all work and no play. 

Mudd – Chobani Flip

I would love to sit down with the creator of the Chobani Flip cup: what an innovative design! I’m sure that whoever came up with this model—which allows you to add some extra crunch and flavor into your ‘gurt with a single flick of the wrist—would agree that this engineering building is where the Chobani Flip belongs. 

Diana Center – Siggi’s 

Siggi’s is, hands down, my favorite yogurt brand. It’s thick and creamy and has a little tang. Although “thick” and “creamy” are admittedly not the first words that come to mind when thinking about Diana, I find that this building, much like Siggi’s, is trendy in all the right ways. It’s new, it’s modern, but it’s not trying too hard. Furthermore, something about Diana’s sleek and modern design is simply so Siggi’s. 

Carman – Yocrunch 

Do you remember that kid in fourth grade who always brought a Yocrunch to school? That kid gives me the same vibe as Carman: fun and social, sure, but maybe a little greasy. I’m not sure it would be my top choice to hang with the Yocrunch Kid, as it wouldn’t be totally ideal for me to live in Carman, but it would probably be an entertaining experience. 

Milstein – SO Delicious Oat Milk or Coconut Milk

Milstein is popular amongst certain crowds, naturally mostly Barnard students. And what, like Milstein’s green chairs, can’t Barnard students seem to get enough of? Why, dairy alternatives, of course! Plus, this library is rather understated but contemporary in its design, and it certainly knows who its target audience is, much like the brand SO Delicious.

Furnald – Wallaby’s 


The Barnard Quad – Noosa

Young and zesty.  

Barnard Hall – Fage

Lowkey mid. 

John Jay – Yoplait

Totally and sufficiently edible. Sometimes even good. 

Pupin – Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt

It’s trying! 

Hamilton – Liebe

This is a German word and I take German in Hamilton. Case closed.

yogurt in a bowl via Bwog Archive