Start your education, and may the best drag queen win!

Have you ever been sitting in your Econ lecture and thought: “God! I wish I was hosting a drag show at a local gay bar right now. Sadly, I don’t have a name that is a reference to my college experience.” Look no further, because below is an all-encompassing list of names for you wonderful drag performers here—both aspiring, established, and well known.

Haus of Halls:

  • Hartley Sweet
  • Carwoman Hall
  • East Campussy
  • Dirty Diana’s Center
  • Schermerwhore Extension 
  • Hoegan Hall
  • Carlton Shave Your Arms
  • Harmoney Hall
  • Milfstein

Morningside Haus:

  • Miss Mo. Williams 
  • Whoreonet’s Slice
  • Hungarian Pasties Shop
  • St. John the Divine
  • Hex & Hoe

Haus of Alma:

  • CeCe Male
  • Chastity Gaytes
  • Grace the Econ Major
  • Clit Hum
  • Buttler Stax
  • The F.G.C. (Ferris Grilled Cheese)
  • Whore Curdickulcum
  • Alma Hotter
  • Chef Mike’s Sub

Sexy Alma via Author