We may have forgotten to write a breaking news post about this, but honestly, did anyone notice?

So, Rick Ross is headlining Bacchanal…yeah. This is our largest concert of the year—one that has been postponed since 2019 (except for last year’s Vibrella experience…Metaverse watch out!)—and our great comeback artist is William Leonard Roberts II, better known as Rick Ross. Yeah.

Do I know who Rick Ross is? Uh…no. I am looking at his Spotify right now, and the only things I recognize are all the other artists who collaborate with him. Did you know he only does collaborations? How will that work in concert? Will he just rap and then let a speaker play the rest of the song? Will he depend on us to know the words?

I don’t know, and I don’t care. I didn’t get tickets, and making that hike to Terminal 5 on a cold, early Spring night with a bunch of high, drunk, and/or crossed college students that I do not know seems like my actual hell. Imagine if I did all that, and the person I went to see was American rapper and record executive Rick Ross.

And this was the comeback artist choice? May I remind you that our last in-person Bacchanal had the headline of Rina Sawayama and SOPHIE. Last year, we had Flo Milli, A$AP Ferg, and Yaeji. We almost had 100 gecs before they were cool (then quickly uncool). But no, no one compares to the Boss.

I guess time has also passed since tickets were available, so there’s no point in reminding you to grab tickets before they run out. I’ll do it anyway simply because I think people stopped claiming their free tickets to Terminal 5 after Bacchanal announced Rick Ross was headlining. Check to see if any tickets to the big performance are still available here.

So, I guess this is the breaking news post we were supposed to write a few days ago. To be fair, there’s not much news. It’s just Rick Ross.

Shout out to all the pears, too. Hope they feel loved.

I Literally Do Not Know This Man via Bwog Staff