I guess people aren’t a fan of modern-day imperialism. Shocker.

Happening in the World: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have encountered growing anti-monarchist sentiments throughout the last leg of their Caribbean Tour. Protests emerged upon their arrival in Kingston, Jamaica, where they were scheduled to speak. The Jamaican Prime Minister, in a speech with the Duke and Duchess in attendance, declared that he would rather not have the Queen as head of state anymore. (BBC)

Happening in the US: In the midst of new voting restrictions, Texas primary elections saw one the highest rates of rejected ballots in history. Voters now need to provide an identification number along with their ballot, among other requirements many are unaware of. Roughly 13% of mail ballots were discarded and unaccounted for across 187 counties in Texas. (AP)

Happening in NYC: Understaffed workers at the Museum of Natural History in the Upper West Side are pushing to unionize. Employees have been increasingly overworked after staffing shortages that occurred in May of 2020 and have been subjected to abuse for trying to enforce social distancing and mask-wearing. (VICE)

Happening in our Community: The second round of Bacchanal tickets open for sale today at 8 pm on AXS’s website. 1250 tickets will be available for purchase through this link. Only accounts set up with Columbia or Barnard email addresses will be able to secure their tickets. 

Rick Ross via Wikimedia Commons