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Happening in the World: Researchers from the University of Washington have recently unveiled an in-depth investigation that calls into question the current global COVID-19 death toll. Underscoring the inconsistencies in COVID-19 documentation and attestation, the study suggests that although reported COVID-19 related deaths currently total about 5.94 million, the real figures are approximately three times as large. The full report, which was published on the two year anniversary of the World Health Organization’s pandemic declaration, can be found in The Lancet. (BBC)

Happening in the US: According to government-mandated follow up surveys, recent reports have confirmed U.S Census Bureau’s long-standing trend of undercounting African American, Native American, and Latinx populations. In the most recent census, which was conducted in 2020, data indicates that Latinx residents were left out of the census at more than three times the rate compared to previous undercount figures. (NPR)

Happening in NYC: Rents in NYC are once again reaching record prices as brokerages report that the median monthly rent for a Manhattan apartment reached $3,700 in February. Prompted by an aggressive decrease in inventory, recent reports show that rent prices have risen an average of 28% compared to the “pandemic pricing” that many tenants took advantage of in 2020 and 2021. (CNN)

Happening in Our Community: Do you know how to file taxes? Of course not! Join the Office of International Students and Scholars as they team up with Sprintax to provide a Tax Workshop for all nonresident students and scholars. To register, click here.

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