Cosplay as a real-life adult at Cathedral Gardens!

Location: 217 Manhattan Ave, between Central Park and Morningside Park, at the corner of 110th St.

Nearby Dorms: The closest dorms are Harmony and 110 , about a 6-8 minute walk away. 

Stores and Restaurants: Starbucks, Central Markets (small grocery store), Cafe Amrita, Larry’s Freewheeling (bike store offering rentals), Giovanni’s Pizza, Deli 360, The Drink, Cathedral Wine & Liquor, B & C trains

Cost: $5,052 per semester 


  • Bathrooms: Each suite has at least one bathroom with two showers (one with a bathtub), two vanities, two sinks, and a toilet. Six-person suites also have an additional bathroom which has a toilet, sink, and bathtub.
  • AC/Heating: Rooms have both AC and heating.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Each suite has a kitchen with a stove, oven, sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, and lots of storage. All of the suites have pretty sizable shared spaces and there’s a lounge on the 10th floor with a TV, couches, and tables.
  • Laundry: The laundry room is on the 10th floor, with four washing machines and eight dryers.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: All suites are equipped with hardwood floors.
  • Wifi: Each room has its own wifi router.
  • Computers/Printing: There is a computer with a printer in the 10th-floor lounge, but it doesn’t use Paw Print, so you’ll have to print your things out manually on the computer.

Room Variety:

4-, 5-, and 6-person suites of mostly singles and some doubles.


CG is generally popular among seniors and a few juniors with high lottery numbers.

Bwog Recommendation:

People who live in CG, LOVE living in CG. While the walk to campus can be grueling in the colder months,  one past resident said: “I actually really enjoy the walks I take to class every morning because they give me a chance to get some fresh air, especially walking along Morningside Park.” Barnard also has shuttle services to and from campus, in addition to the nearby bus and subway stations. CG comes with tons of natural light, large shared living spaces, and a full kitchen with a dishwasher. CG is not entirely a Barnard dorm so residents really get the genuine NYC adult apartment feel much like 110. It typically goes fairly quickly in housing selections. 

Resident Opinions:

  • “The walk isn’t as bad as you think it is.”
  • “You never have to worry about being shafted in CG which is beautiful.” 
  • “Having a dishwasher is highly underrated.”
  • “If you don’t feel like walking back from campus, the shuttle is easily accessible.”
  • “Living in CG has allowed me to go to a lot more cafes and restaurants in Harlem that I probably wouldn’t have gone to if I lived closer to campus

CG Double, CG Single, and CG 10th Floor Lounge photos via Barnard ResLife

A CG Single via the Bwarchives