Everything is scary and dangerous and bad right now, but Bwog won’t be around this Spring Break to protect you. Never fear! Heed this advice and you just might survive the next week without us.


  • Get on a plane.
  • Get on a train.
  • Get on a bus.
  • Get in a car.
  • Go anywhere.
  • Drink tequila.
  • Drink vodka.
  • Drink unpasteurized milk.
  • Drink pasteurized milk (gross.)
  • Go out in public.
  • Go out in private.
  • Make any new friends.
  • See any old friends.
  • See anyone.
  • Do anything.
  • Do anyone.


  • Stay home.
  • Drink Capri Sun.
  • Pray.

Despair via Bwarchives