The spring season has most Bwoggers either rejoicing or sneezing.

Some Bwoggers enjoyed the springtime weather:

  • Saw the Columbia University Orchestra perform! Love The Firebird suite
  • Swore I’d stop spending money, then went to a flea market and bought two vintage dresses
  • Said I was gonna spend less money. Immediately after, went to a hotpot restaurant with the girlies. 
  • Was gaslit at Hex & Co. about picking up cards from the discard pile 
  • Performed in EuphOrchesis; it was fun
  • Went to games club, slept three hours, went to a days on campus event to talk about board games
  • Went to Georgetown and had an amazing time
  • Saw Everything Everywhere All At Once. It exploded my brain and made me simp for Ke Huy Quan

Other Bwoggers felt the crushing weight of tree pollen, among other things:

  • Battled my seasonal allergies… fuck pollen all my homies hate pollen [Editor’s Note: so many people felt the same]
  • Questioned whether or not my allergies were actually COVID-19 after two of my friends tested positive
    • Did not test positive (twice)
  • Furiously tried to figure out summer plans, but ultimately did not
  • Forgot to eat one day until a 9 pm Shake Shack run
  • Sat in Uris library for like 17 hours total
  • Watched a Man sitting next to me stuff his mouth full of Cheetos until he physically couldn’t fit any more. I have never felt more turned off from an entire gender
  • Had a shitty week but also had shitty week solidarity with everyone I interacted with
  • Fully convinced myself I had hypothermia and panic-texted a Bwogger at 5 am. I did not have hypothermia
    • Also panic texted a Bwogger at 5 am! #community
  • Questioned Columbia’s severe lack of student common spaces [Editor’s Note: O, what Lerner could have been…]
  • Spent all weekend doing homework and writing papers 
    • Somehow only managed to finish 50% of what I have to do

Some Bwoggers felt really out of it:

  • Went to The Heights too many times
  • Had a bunch of “wine product” which tasted delicious but made me feel like hot garbage the next day 
  • Objectified women
  • Spent over an hour ranking the entire Weezer discography rather than working on all my final projects

But many found a way to get in touch with the meaning of the spring season:

  • Most of my meals were cookies
  • Organized an elaborate, fancy fundraiser dinner all in one day. Felt matriarchal
  • Saw my parents
  • Met up with an old friend and realized we met ten (10) years ago! What?!?
  • Finally figured out where I will be (New York!) and what I will be doing this summer
  • Took myself out on dates! Enjoyed my own company 
  • Listened to my brother’s account of how he accidentally lit a blanket on fire when he dropped a lit candle on it. Was happy that I was here and not there

Little, spiky, sneeze-inducing bastards via Wikimedia Commons