Bacchanal was a convenient excuse for Bwog’s usual weekend debauchery.

Bwog had fun during Bacchanal this weekend:

  • Saw Sarah Kinsley and changed my life
  • Raged
  • Took a quick crying at home break at around 4 pm on Bacchanal day, immediately rallied for Terminal 5
  • Threw a Rager. Floor is still sticky
  • Woke up Saturday and pregamed Holi
  • Pregamed the Bacchanal pregame
  • Got white girl wasted by proxy (was sober but my friends were white girl wasted so I became white girl wasted)
  • Felt like I was living in a college brochure
  • Got afternoon drunk, passed out for several hours; ate ramen to restore stamina, got night drunk

Some got oddly excited to see Rick Ross:

  • Got way drunker than last weekend but didn’t puke in the shower this time! 
  • Thought about how Rick Ross is implicated in some of the best songs from the 2010’s
  • Was probably drunk for 24 hours straight
  • Watched two friends pour vodka and rum together into an empty water bottle and then down it all on the way to Terminal 5

Other Bwoggers had their weekend plans derailed:

  • Cried in JJ’s
  • Went to a bar with a guy from Tinder who was way too into PDA 
  • Drunkenly lost nine dollars in poker
  • Had my card decline while buying grapefruit White Claws at Mo Willy. Fortunately, another Bwogger gallantly covered the cost <3
  • Took an edible on the train to Terminal 5. Turns out it was expired and I didn’t get any kind of high so I just ate a basement-tasting gummy bear for nothing
  • Took a nap before going to Terminal 5 to heal myself. It just made things Worse
  • Got hit in the face on Sunday by all the work I haven’t done
  • Went to Bacchanal and got rejected bc they said “I needed to sober up”

Some couldn’t get tickets but had a fun weekend anyway:

  • Didn’t go to Bacchanal yet didn’t succeed in my goal of staying away from alcohol and weed for the rest of the semester
  • Didn’t go to Bacchanal but pregamed anyway
  • Went to one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced (not Rick Ross), and this artist now has me in a psychic chokehold
  • Went to a book-tour event in Hoboken with John Scalzi—fun! Illuminating! There was a secret story about bears you only get if you go to the tour
  • Saw Circus Hamlet and it changed my life
  • Went to an Irish Tavern in the Bronx to listen to Irish trad music and drink ale… drank a hearty amount of ale and enjoyed the three (3) accordions used in the band. And a flute!

Artist’s rendition of the first CU Bacchanal in 1964 via Wikimedia Commons