Today’s housing choices made as much sense as basically any LNB we put up.

A few weeks late, here we are, with Columbia housing selection finally, actually happening. Extended hours (who doesn’t want to choose their shitty McBain double at 8 am or 10 pm?) only add to the general sense of chaos of housing season and mean that, for the rest of housing coverage, Bwog will be sending out recaps at the lovely late hour of sometime-past-10 pm.

Things aren’t dire yet—after all, today is the first day, meaning only the seniors with blessedly low lottery numbers got to go. There are still plenty of wonderful choices unless you were deadset on one of the two (2!) Watt studio singles.

What’s gone:

  • The studio singles in Watt and the brownstones, of course
  • Non-RA 4-person EC suites

What’s scarce:

  • 4 Watt two-bedrooms
  • 10 EC two-bedrooms
  • 9 Nuss singles

What’s still remaining:

  • Basically everything, but to break it down:
    • 50 5-person EC suites
    • 24 6-person EC suites
    • 7 4-person Hogan suites
    • 10 5-person Hogan suites
    • 73 Woodbridge one-bedrooms
    • 48 singles in River
    • All of Ruggles

Looking ahead: Much love to the groups who selected today, but what were y’all thinking? Many nice choices remain available for seniors in the days ahead as people choose Carlton Arms singles and Nuss doubles, of all things. To be fair, selecting past sundown would push me to make surprising choices, too. All in all, seniors picking in the days ahead don’t have much to fear… yet.

As a reminder, our housing reviews can be found here, and the godlike Columbia live counter for selection can be found here with a UNI login.

You still have a chance at living here (Hogan) via Bwog Archives