After a confusing Day 11 of Columbia housing selection, the waitlist might look more appealing than some of the remaining rooms.

The end is near, dear readers! There are only a few days left, so keep your live housing counters open and read about what went down today:

What’s Gone

  • All studio singles and doubles
  • All corridor singles
  • All of Symposium, 627, East Campus, Furnald, Hogan, Plimpton, River, Watt, and Woodbridge
  • All singles in Nuss, Broadway, Carlton, Harmony, McBain, Schapiro, and Wien

What’s Scarce

  • 1 double left in Harmony
  • 2.5 doubles in Broadway
  • Half of a Nuss double
  • 4 doubles in Wien
  • 1 double in Schapiro

What’s Left

  • 43 doubles in Carlton
  • 78 doubles in McBain

Looking Ahead

What is even happening right now?! From the 44 Carlton singles that were available for mere minutes to the one Harmony single that was added and promptly snatched up, we are just as confused as you are. Sophomores, good luck.

While you wait for your selection time, use your UNI login to access Columbia’s live housing counter here, check out Bwog’s 2022 Housing Reviews here, and follow us on Twitter for real-time housing developments!

Carms back from the dead via Bwog Archives