On Day 5 of Columbia’s housing lottery, the suite selection may have slowed down, but the fight for corridor-style singles is just ramping up.

It was an interesting day to pick a room! As Bwog reported yesterday, suites of all sizes had become relatively scarce, but in a sexy little plot twist, the numbers pretty much stayed where they were. Instead, Day 5 of the lottery saw many people flocking toward corridor-style singles, especially in Broadway, Carlton, Schapiro, and Wien.

What’s Gone

Today’s list is pretty much the exact same as yesterday’s! 

  • All studio singles
  • All 3-person suites
  • All of Hogan
  • All singles in 627, Nuss, River, and Watt
  • 47 Claremont
    • All 3-person suites 
    • All 4-person suites 
  • All 3-person suites in 627
  • East Campus
    • All 2-person suites
    • All 3-person suites 
    • All 4-person suites 
    • All 6-person suites 
  • Ruggles
    • All 2-person suites
    • All 3-person suites
    • All 5-person suites

What’s Scarce

This list is also strikingly similar to yesterday’s. It seems like nothing could beat a corridor single today. 

  • 4-person suites in general—there is only one left across all buildings!
  • 47 Claremont
    • 1 2-person suite
    • 1 5-person suite 
    • 1 6-person suite
  • 1 studio double in 627 
  • 1 6-person suite Plimpton Hall
  • 2 corridor-style singles in River
  • Ruggles 
    • 1 4-person suite
    • 5 6-person suites
  • 1 2-person suite in Watt

What’s Left 

  • 10 7-person suites in 47 Claremont
  • 7 studio doubles in 548 
  • Broadway 
    • 115 corridor-style singles 
    • 36 corridor-style doubles
  • East Campus
    • 6 corridor-style doubles
    • 10 5-person suites
  • 70 corridor-style doubles in Nuss
  • Ruggles
    • 10 8-person suites 
  • Schapiro
    • 147 corridor-style singles
    • 84 corridor-style doubles 
  • Watt
    • 53 studio doubles 
  • 7 2-person suites in Woodbridge
  • Wien 
    • 118 corridor-style singles
    • 39 corridor-style doubles

Looking Ahead

While Broadway, Carlton, Schapiro, and Wien got their moment in the sun today, there are plenty of singles and doubles left in all four buildings! Things seem to be pretty stagnant in many of Columbia’s senior favorites, including EC, Ruggles, and 47 Claremont, so while what’s left in those buildings might not be the cream of the crop, you still have a decent chance of getting in! 

If you’re still waiting on your selection time, you can access Columbia’s live housing counter here with your UNI login. While you wait, make sure to check out Bwog’s 2022 Housing Reviews and make sure to follow our live housing updates on Twitter!

Broadway via Bwog Archives