Are people having fun without me? I need to know.

Bwog reader, I need to tell you something. I am very nosy. I want to know what people are doing. My life is great, but other people’s business? Divine!

However, social media cannot offer me the entertainment I seek. No one uses Snapchat anymore. Facebook is dead. Instagram is too curated. I want the raw, real thing. True displays of emotion, true lives. Where is the intensity, the drama? Where is the truth?

Enter BeReal. You can only post, once a day, a picture of both front and back cameras. It’s always at a random time. You have two minutes to complete it. A morning treat, afternoon delight, or evening mystery… A lovely little surprise!

This might sound like an endorsement of the app. Like I have been paid to write this. I have not. All I want to know is what’s up. What we all want is gossip. To know what people are up to. What they are eating, watching, buying. Who they are with. Are they having fun? Are they enjoying themselves? 

Columbia students, join me in being shamelessly curious. In sharing little morsels of your life with close friends, at the strangest of times. 

Or don’t share them with others at all! No one needs to know every single time the BeReal notification popped up, you were watching Bridgerton. Keep a log of your exciting college days and nights: reading at Butler, standing for hours in the subway, throwing up in your friend’s dorm room… 

The world is your oyster. BeReal is your oyster. You are a pearl, I think. 

iPhone via Trusted Reviews