Bwog found many ways to channel the energy of music’s golden age this past weekend.

Some Bwoggers had the “Time of [Their] Lives:”

  • Saw two shows at Mezzrow. Jazzed
  • Lived, laughed, LOVED Varsity Show
  • Flirted with an Irish man
    • Learned about Ireland’s big wave surfers
  • Got two vaccines (for travel) then went out for drinks and ordered a cocktail called “Flu Shot,” so really I got three vaccines
  • Was in the KCST play The Knight of the Burning Pestle!
  • Got super smashed three nights in a row and felt like a freshman
  • Failed at rage cage 
  • Wore little black dresses like it was my mf job (it was) 
  • Watched American Psycho for the first time… the pain IS constant and sharp, so true bestie
    • (I am a woman so I can make this joke)

Other Bwoggers felt like they might “Die Young:”

  • Did not study for my exams half as much as I needed to
  • Got put on the housing waitlist
  • Suffered, in the most general possible sense
  • Got in crossfire of the politics of the World’s Stupidest Club (not Bwog… yet)
  • Wrote a 10 page paper in three hours directly before the deadline
  • Almost certainly contracted COVID-19
  • Did NOT get enough done on my papers at all
    • Ahaha fuck
  • Was late for every event I planned this weekend

But many Bwoggers felt that “International Love:”

  • Was sad about the semester coming to an end. Realized that I will really miss my LitHum professor and class
  • Accidentally basically moved in with the guy I’ve been seeing 
  • Spent quality time with my family. I love them
    • Spent quality time with my friends. I love them
  • Schemed to get out of having to pay for food now that I’m out of meal swipes (invited my parents out to dinner)
  • Professor gave fudge to students :-)

While some others fought hard to find “Clarity:”

  • Defended cultured meat like my grade depended on it (it did)
  • Shoved a bottle of laundry detergent down my pants
  • Woke up. Ate oatmeal at 3:30 am. Went back to sleep
  • Wore a yellow sweater. Was told I looked like a minion

clubbing via Pixabay