Au revoir, Columbia (is what we would be saying if we weren’t too busy studying).

Some Bwoggers found time to relax during finals season:

  • Primal Scream’d
  • Tried alcohol for the first time (I’m almost 21)
  • Went to an absolutely unhinged panel about Jews and Weed that was the opening event for an exhibit about Jews and weed. Afterward a guy was signing joints in lobby
  • Spent the night at a girl’s apartment only to find out her roommate had COVID-19 the day after
    • Did not contract COVID-19
  • Took a brief interlude and saw Lingua Ignota at LPR :)
  • Met a cat named Cool on the lawns outside of Philosophy Hall
  • Appreciated my own taste in music
  • Ears were blessed by so much new music
    • Mahal by Toro y Moi, Time ‘n’ Place by Kero Kero Bonito, and “Love You Back” by Madeon for anyone interested
  • Got really into The Staircase documentary but kept pausing because it made me lose my mind because that is my hometown y’all. I had mock trial practice in the UNC Law courtrooms Michael Peterson practiced being a witness in. That is insane!
  • Became a new person in Starbucks

And other Bwoggers found ways to send off the year:

  • Said goodbyes to people and realized I’m a sentimental sap at heart 
  • Made my mom a Mother’s Day card complete with childish bubble letters
  • Sent off friends :(
  • Curled up like a housecat on the foot of my friend’s bed and slept the best I have in weeks 
  • Flew home
    • There was an actual medical emergency on the plane: they announced the whole “if you’re a doctor, please press your call button” thing. I think it worked out alright though

But some Bwoggers suffered through the weight of the weekend:

  • Finished five essays and an exam in the span of four days
  • Procrastinated procrastinating 
  • Did enough physics to last a lifetime
  • Dragged a bunch of storage boxes around in the 48 hours of constant rain over the weekend
  • Submitted 12 pages of papers :(
  • Procrastinated on completing the work I need to do to graduate from an Ivy League university
  • Was so deeply, deeply fatigued

And the pressure really got to some others:

  • Held a funeral
  • Accidentally diagnosed someone with ADHD in JJ’s
  • Was diagnosed with ADHD in JJ’s

Map of the Butler Library stacks via Wikimedia Commons