In which Bwog makes some bad jokes, but also possibly some advances in the academic discussion?

  1. From Mr. 305 to Mr. Worldwide: Pitbull, The Globalization of Latin Hip Hop, and Miami as a Musical Product
  2. A Bunch Of Vaguely Phallic Vases: This Ceramicist Clearly Needs To Get Laid
  3. We Live In A Society: A Goffmanian Perspective On Digital Self-Presentation
  4. I’m So Fucking Tired Of Writing This Thesis: Think Of Your Own Pithy Title
  5. The Building Blocks of Government: A 25-Day Evolution of Kraterocracy in Minecraft
  6. Severance Pay: Tracing Adam Scott from the Office Comedy to the Office Dystopia
  7. Getting Up Oily in the Morning: Acne and the Diurnal Cycle
  8. Aurora Borealis? At This Time Of Year, At This Time Of Day, Localized Entirely Within Your Kitchen?: How Climate Change Will Fragment The Solar Wind
  9. Fall Guys: Mobster Tactics and Scapegoating in Video Games
  10. Facsimiles of Understanding in Coded Kommuniques and the Troubled History of Interceptions and Spycraft
  11. I Wrote A Whole Thesis Just To Show Off My Scores: The Proliferation Of “-le” Games As An Internet Phenomenon
  12. 1 Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Explorations of Legendre, Taylor, and Gaussian Representations of Reciprocals
  13. The Hunger Games: A Critical Analysis of Columbia Dining’s Wait Times Through a Taylorist Lens 
  14. Catching Fire: A Study of New York City’s Fire Codes Within Barnard College and Columbia University
  15. Mockingjay: A Reflection on the Rude Rhetoric of College Administrations During Graduate Student Petitioning
  16. Bi Buys Bis: Explaining the Binomial Increase Of Bipolar Bisexuals Buying Bicycles
  17. Squid Game: A Neurological Analysis of Cephalopod Brain Activity During Entertainment Activities
  18. Good 4 U: The Linguistic Benefits of Five Vowels in the English Language
  19. Catholic Guilt: The Supreme Court of the United States’ Religious Demographics and Its Impact on Rulings  
  20. Bad Bitch, Ass Fat? How Women’s Bodies Have Shaped The Concepts of Good and Evil
  21. Not Like Other Girls: A Study on Wild Children
  22. BE AGGRESSIVE! B-E AGGRESSIVE! The Dangers of Cheerleading
  23. Let Me See You Go To Town: A Study on Urban Displacement and Gentrification in Modern America
  24. I’ve Got A Blank Space Baby, And I’ll Write Your Name: Accidental Acculturation of Immigrant Families Due To Miswritten Names During the Late 19th and Early 20th Century
  25. Hell Hath No Furries: Socio-ethnographic Insight Into the Execution of Egalitarian Practice in the Furry Communities
  26. I’m Only Writing This Thesis To Get Departmental Honors: An Essay in Dance or French and Francophone Studies or German Literature and Cultural History or Slavic Studies or Biophysics or…
  27. Just as I Thought, Trash!: The Effects of a Novel Sanitation Process in New York City
  28. Hairy Styles: The Increased Application of Body Hair in Alternative Fashion Communities
  29. Strike, You’re Out: Four Case Studies of Modern Union-Busting Tactics
  30. This Is An Ex-Parrot!: A New Paradigm Of Avian Taxonomy
  31. The ‘Death Loop’, ‘Doom Spiral’, and Other Reassuring Images About the State of Modern Politics
  32. Design Capstone: We Made Horrible Killing Machines From The Cyberpunk Novel Please God Don’t Make Horrible Killing Machines And Are Licensing Them To The US Military
  33. Design Capstone: GlaDOS
  34. Design Capstone: A Beautiful Suspension Bridge Which Will Immediately Collapse Under The Weight Of All Those Gargoyles
  35. Creating Sound On Inert Cellulose Sheets: This Thesis Screams When You Open It
  36. Calvin and Hobbes: How Religious Predestination Drives the State of Nature
  37. Lego My Ego: The Freudian Implications of Children’s Toys
  38. The Fault in Our Star: The Hydrodynamics of the Sun’s Transformation into a Red Giant
  39. Art Portfolio: A Collection of Abandoned Objects Found Outside of Carman
  40. Out, damned spot! An ad for Tide Pens disguised as a thesis
  41. The Gentleman Pirate: the influence of early 18th century queer pirates on the aesthetics of modern piracy
  42. Putting the Sus in SusDev: How to Greenwash Your Ideological Laundry
  43. Green eggs and ham: a study on the effects of improper refrigeration in college dorms
  44. Exploring Idiosyncratic Fluid Dynamic Behavior Over Time in Internally-Confined Semen Samples
  45. Design Capstone: Sleepable Helmet For Tracking Ad Metrics in the Dreamspace
  46. Applying Regenerative Practices to Ozarks Agroecologies & Quantifying Effects on Opium Yields
  47. Art Portfolio (Film Photography): Tasteful B&W Nudes of Hot People I Know and/or Paid
  48. Design Capstone: A Machine for Getting Around Campus During Graduation Setup
  49. Art Portfolio (Modern Sculpture): Blue Bin Full of Jungle Juice Left in the Sun
  50. Comparing Individual Effects of Anabolic Steroids in the Riverside Park Raccoon Population
  51. Design capstone: bioengineered Mountain Dew nipple
  52. Art Capstone: Postmodern orthorectified point cloud images
  53. Design Capstone: Voice Sensitive Toilet That Flushes When You Say “Bye!”
  54. Design Capstone: Mimosa-Fueled Money Laundering Robot
  55. Feel Well, Do Well: the neurochemical response of Barnumbia students to the milstein green chairs
  56. Squid Pro Quo: the secret history of bulk frozen calamari futures trading in the Nixon administration
  57. Kill Sill: Examining Factors in Poor Domestic Succulent Survival 
  58. Quantifying the Actual Long-Term Effects of Various High-Energy Laser Spectra on Human Testicular Tissue
  59. Animal Farm: How Many Lab Rats Do I Have to Kill Before They Rise Up
  60. Art Portfolio: Lots and Lots of Neon Acrylic 
  61. Modeling the Archaeological Future of Music Festival Sites
  62. Talking ‘Bout The Birds And The Bees: No, Seriously, This One Is About Bird Migration and Bee Pollination
  63. WAP—What About Paul?: The Role of Saint Paul in the Early Growth of the Catholic Church
  64. Greek Life^2: The Role of Fraternal Organizations in Ancient Aegean City States
  65. Art Portfolio: All the Commissioned Furry Porn I Drew that Financed my Education over Four Years
  66. Art Portfolio: Me, My Best Friend, and Our Queerfishing Collage Collection
  67. In My Fleabag Era: The Inherent Nihilistic Tendencies of Being A Single Woman In Your Twenties
  68. Wait, This Isn’t Rent (2005)? La Boheme’s Lasting Relatability In Modern Times
  69. There Are Only So Many 4 Letter Words: Someday Wordle Will Have To Say Fuck – A Statistical Analysis
  70. From Bolshevik To Bimbo: The Girlies Are Getting Radicalized
  71. Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss, Mansplain, Manipulate, Malewife: Meme-ing The Gender Binary
  72. The Mirror Stage: A Play Set Entirely In Mirrors
  73. The L-Word: Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV)
  74. Damn Girl, You Live Like This? The Prevalence Of Black Mold In All-Female College Dorms
  75. Hot Shirl Summer: How The Girlies Are “Healing Their Inner Children” With Alcohol
  76. “Do It For The Plot” And Other Modern Feminist Sex-Positive-isms
  77. Slay The House, Boots Down: The Demise Of Fashion Houses In The Modern Era
  78. In My Anna Delvey Era: The Pop Culture Phenomenon Of Gaslighting Girlbosses
  79. Big Brother is Watching You: The Impact of Babysitting on Inter-Sibling Dynamics 
  80. Ba Ba Blacksheep: a Cloning Project
  81. Life on Mars? Designing a Spacecraft That Plays Bowie Songs and Searches for Life
  82. Rutabaga: So Much More Than A Fun Word to Say
  83. Too Hot to Handle: Design Capstone Creating Better Laptop Cooling Systems 
  84. Procrastination Nation: Ethnography of Seniors Procrastinating on their Theses
  85. 95 Reeses: Food Quality Testing
  86. 95 Feces: Comparative Scat Analysis 
  87. 95 Geeses: Tracking Group Bird Migration
  88. 95 Species: How Many Molds Are Growing in Your Dorm
  89. 95 Nieces: Sorry Mom, None of Your Grandkids are Coming from Me
  90. The Safety Dance: Categorizing OSHA Violations By Men Without (Construction) Hats
  91. Equivalence Relations Between Euler-Gödel-Hodges Hypermanifold Cobordism Topology and e(2,2,3) Abelian Fourfold Geometry As Elliptic Cohomology
  92. Reimagining Aesop’s Tales For The Modern Day: The Flat Stanley Parable
  93. Dracula Daily and the Modern Epistolary Novel (ft. My Good Friend Jonathan Harker)
  94. Wry Rye: How Social Media Spurred Pandemic-Era Baking Habits
  95. A Response To Criticism Of An Editorial About A Study Rebutting Another Paper (2012) Undercutting Alterations To An Established School Of Thought

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