It’s the second official day of fall and Mucinex is already sold-out at CVS.

Happening in the world: Mpho Tutu van Furth, daughter of known anti-apartheid and human rights activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has been barred from officiating her godfather’s funeral because she is married to a woman. Furth is an ordained Anglican priest and it was her godfather’s explicit wish that she conducted his funeral upon his passing. The Shropshire church that turned the family away asserts that they were acting in accordance with the Church of England’s “current guidance on same-sex marriage,” though gay marriage has been legal in England since 2014. The family decided to host the funeral in a garden next door instead, to honor the deceased’s wishes. (CNN)

Happening in the US: Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals hit his 700th home run last night in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is the fourth player in major league history to do so, now joining baseball’s most famous in the exclusive “over 700s” club with Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. Upon achieving the record, Pujols received a lengthy standing ovation from the crowd. (NBC News)

Happening in NYC: Daniel Gill, who was charged with assault for allegedly slapping former Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the back, filed a $2 million claim of false arrest against the city this past Thursday. In a video of the offending moment, Gill touches Giuliani on the back with an open hand in a Staten Island ShopRite and says, “What’s up scumbag?” While the former NYC mayor didn’t seem to react in the footage, he later said he felt “like somebody shot me.” After the incident, Gill was placed in jail for 24 hours and lost his job. As a former municipal employee, Giuliani is not specifically named in the claim, as the city is “no longer responsible for his misconduct.” (ABC 7)

Happening in our community: The Morningside Lights procession is in-person for the first time since 2019! Since September 17, participants created lanterns that reimagined the concept of the public monument in workshops hosted by the Miller Theatre. Tonight, at 8 pm, the lanterns will be marched from Morningside Park to Columbia’s campus—the procession will finish on College Walk. More information can be found here.

Song of the Day:Favorite Girl” by Justin Bieber. Bieber’s little voice is the only thing breaking through the cold medicine right now.

This is a fever dream via Bwog Archives