Take a moment for yourself and enjoy this playlist as an alternative to midterm-induced anxiety.

Amidst the pressure and frazzle of midterms, it’s crucial to take time for ourselves. We must preserve our mental health and sanity throughout these stressful few weeks by setting aside dedicated time for self-care. When I feel like I need a moment of peace, I put on this playlist and take a walk, noticing nature and the minutiae of campus life. While everybody around me is rushing around in a frenzy, I detach and look at the world objectively. I don’t always have to act—I can let life happen to me. I can take my thoughts as they are. I don’t have to succumb to any pressures or expectations, but instead, accept myself for who I am. I can wander, muse, ponder, and be content with life how it is. This playlist is for those moments.

Riverside Park via Staff Writer Emma Burris