To think that Halloween will be relegated to a weekday for the next three years…

Bwog had some wonderful costumes:

  • Was a fairy at an NYU frat.
  • Dressed up as a martini, which most people did not get, but the ones that did were very excited about it.
  • Made four costumes for three Halloween parties because crafts are fun.
  • Dressed up as The Joker (but not Leto’s version because we hate Jared Leto).
  • Dressed slutty.
  • Went conceptual with the costumes this year.
  • Dressed up like a pilgrim for Halloween and satisfied my third grade hyperfixation with Plymouth Rock.
    • Was stopped by two old men on my way to my Halloween-themed club meeting because they thought I looked “really cute” in my pilgrim costume. I was really creeped out!
  • Figured out a Halloween “costume” Friday morning for a Halloween party that night. High concept, low effort: I was a kindergartener choosing their own outfit for the first time. Excellent excuse to wear pigtails and atrocious pattern clashes. No regrets except that the concept is a lot to explain to someone in a very loud and dark room.
  • Was happy to get many compliments on a costume that I did not put very much effort into.

Bwog drank… a lot:

  • Went out to a friend’s 21st birthday party, in which the theme read: Disney Channel original movie comedy drag show. Ended up eating chicken and waffles drunk at 3 am.
  • Tried to set up a blowup mattress while drunk, failed.
  • Went to a baby shower hungover.
  • Had rosé for the first time, can’t lie it tasted like cough syrup.
  • Got drunk.
  • Met up with my Marriage Pact match for coffee while epically hungover.

Bwog dealt with the tail end of midterm season:

  • Absolutely agonized over the shortest paper ever. Burnout is real!
  • Got a physics midterm back.
  • Took a bio exam, shoutout to the department for providing a last minute accommodation.
  • Had two midterms. Odds are at least one of them went okay.
    • Prof walked in during one of said midterms so we could ask questions, and she was really passive-aggressive. Ended up rushing and leaving one of the questions blank on that one.
  • Did a take-home midterm at 8:30 am on Saturday. It was brutal.
    • Bought myself some new earrings as a reward for making it through.
  • Went into hyperfocus mode and wrote five more pages of my thesis in three hours. Also read an entire French futurist play in one sitting. Productivity!
  • Ended up in the ER. Did a problem set to calm myself down while waiting for doctors #justSEASthings.
    • Generally brushed up against my own mortality.

Bwog celebrated Halloween in various ways:

  • Party hopped.
  • Hosted DWB and had the absolute best time!!!
  • Threw the most banging Halloween party in my whole building. Was told by party crashers that they showed up because they heard my party was better than the other parties.
  • Went to DWB! (x6)
  • Went to exactly zero Halloween events. Instead, I slept on a cliff, woke up in the middle of the night and saw SO many stars.
    • And, once again, as always, did not do any work. No regrets about it.
  • Did retail therapy by getting a bunch of silly drinks at H-Mart.
  • Decided to skip out on going to the play version of “A Little Life” and instead went to a Matt Maltese concert with my roommates! Right choice.
  • Spent three cold hours in the attic of Dodge Hall.

Pumpkin via Bwarchives