Homecoming and Halloween don’t mix well with midterms, but what does Bwog care?

Bwog understandably procrastinated:

  • Did not do any homework or studying for midterms (I will be paying the price for that this week).
  • As is typical for me, did not do work. I do not regret it.
  • Did absolutely no work on Friday and Saturday. Foolish? I have yet to feel the consequences…
  • Intended to be productive and then slept all of Sunday.
  • Continued my streak of flopping at writing essays.
  • Turned in a midterm essay minutes before the deadline.

Bwog prepared for Halloweekend™:

  • Decorated halloween cupcakes with my roommates. Made both a penis and vagina out of frosting. Yes, I am a middle school boy.
  • Finally watched the movie im basing my Halloween costume on.
  • Switched my Halloween costume again.
  • Enjoyed halloween cupcakes with my roommates and decorated for Diwali!
  • My mom brought me a pumpkin-shaped basket of Halloween candy.

Bwog was split on Homecoming:

  • Went to the Homecoming game, left at halftime and thus missed seeing Paul Rudd.
  • Went to Homecoming for the first time as a senior. I’m realizing that the older I get the more I enjoy just sitting and watching sports.
  • Ignored Homecoming related activities… and might regret not caring.
  • Did not go to Homecoming or engage with any Homecoming content.

Bwog spent even more time with their families this weekend:

  • Hung out with my uncle and walked from Columbia to Columbus Circle. Tired, so so tired.
  • Got drunk with mom and had like 24 million oysters.
  • Went to the MOMA with my mom.
  • Sat through The Book of Mormon with my mother. Hilarious musical but was an interesting watch with my mother. 
  • Had my mom’s college friend offer to let me use his apartment on the Upper West Side to bring home boys.
  • Was told by my grandma to go back to therapy.
  • My family was here! I did many touristy things with them.

Wien Stadium during Homecoming via Bwarchives