Questioning if you should spend seven points on Liz’s Place boba? We’ve got you covered!

Jess: Passion Lime Green Tea with Yogurt Pop Boba

They ran out of boba straws so it was a treacherous journey for me to try to open this. Do I stab it as usual? Do I just completely take off the plastic? My solution was to have my roommate stab the plastic with the little heart cap from the lid. Also I couldn’t drink the boba properly without the straw. So off to a bad start. But we finally got it open. The tea was actually very good — I was very surprised. The actual boba was popping boba so it was like okay but since I don’t have a boba straw I had to fish out the boba to try it. An interesting thing to say the least. The popping boba was good but it did just taste like sugar, no yogurt flavor. Not that I would really want it to taste like yogurt though. The popping boba along with the tea was pretty good. Also fun activity: popping boba after you drink all the tea with a straw. I honestly wish the tea would just come by itself. My rating is a 5/10. Also WHY WAS IT SEVEN POINTS.

Vivi: Berry Blend Açai Oolong Tea with Yogurt Pop Boba

The tea itself was pretty normal — I think that if I had made the tea myself and left it in the fridge it would have tasted exactly the same. But it was still bitter and I think the popping boba is supposed to add sweetness to balance that, but the popping boba wasn’t THAT sweet so it didn’t really overpower the bitterness. I also ran out of tea before I ran out of popping boba when usually what happens to me is the exact opposite. Personally, I’d rather have more popping boba than tea so it’s not something I’m really upset about. It’s not BAD it’s just kind of mid but because I love boba and I don’t want to walk all the way to another bubble tea venue, I do think I would try it again and just kind of mindlessly drink it. Overall, it’s like a 6/10 from me.


I went to try boba. Alas, they did not have it. Major rip. Sad face emoji. 


The availability of the boba was as predictable as it was tasty.

Elusive in nature and in flavor.

I hope to be taken aback by the snack.


“The balls felt weird in my mouth.”

All in all, try at your own risk! Let us know what you think.

Boba via Bwog Staff