There was something about you that now I can’t remember…

Dear Bwog readers,

Maybe it’s just me, but maybe it’s not. Ever since The 1975 released their latest album a few weeks ago, and the Arctic Monkeys released an album last week, I’ve perceived a definite vibe shift. Sure, I (like you, probably) was a mere 12 years old when 2014’s indie sleaze reigned big, but now I truly am the melancholy young adult I longed to be back then, and I’m saying that it’s time for a revival—one that we can all participate in. All around me, I’m noticing solid-color tights, black tennis skirts, and knee socks. So, with that in mind, I present to you a Bwog-staff-sourced list of tips for how to incorporate early 2010s indie back into your 2020s life.


  • non-ripped tights
  • sunflower-inspired clothing
  • oversized denim jackets
  • black jean jackets
  • the original Doc Martens
    • with white socks
  • black glitter
  • black long sleeves
  • leggings under jean shorts
  • off-the-shoulder shirts
  • sunglasses
  • American traditional tattoos
  • messenger bags
  • black and white stripes
  • fedoras (but in a cool way)
  • chokers


  • ombre hair
  • side part
  • smudged black eye makeup
  • black nail polish
  • using red lipstick for blush
  • dark lipstick


  • adding a tasteful amount of single-line graffiti work around campus
  • smoking with the art history majors
  • becoming an art history major
  • doing your makeup on the subway
  • reading (and annotating) books on the subway
  • hanging out in the stacks
  • artfully curating ur anonymous poetry Tumblr 
  • going to Hungarian Pastry Shop in your Harry Potter infinity scarf and beanie to write a draft of your creative writing story on your typewriter

“Indie Alma” via Bwarchives