Ever wanted to know how your favorite LitHum professor stacks up against the rest? No? Too bad!

Over the past few weeks, I asked over 100 students who have taken or are currently taking Literature Humanities a series of questions about their professor(s), and with that data, I ranked every LitHum professor deemed worthy (that’s currently teaching a class, that I got a response for, and that I could find an image for) on a series of tierlists. Here are the results:

Tierlist 1: How well does the professor dress?

Incredibly pleased to report that all professors have at least some fashion sense.

Tierlist 2: How technology-friendly is this professor?

Alternatively titled: “Which professors can you get away with playing Papa’s games in class.”

Tierlist 3: How likely would this professor be to read their own CULPA reviews?

Whether reading their own CULPA reviews is a positive, neutral, or negative action is up to the reader to decide.

Tierlist 4: How comfortable would students feel walking up to their professors in a bar?

No, drinking with your professors will not help you with your close-reading essay.

Tierlist 5: How surprised would students be to see their professors on datings apps?

Zero judgement for any professors on dating apps, lots of judgement for people who swipe right on their professors.

Tierlist 6: How much do/did students enjoy their professor’s class?

Your mileage may vary.

Images via Wikimedia Commons and Bwog Staff