For when you’re feeling especially esoteric or super studious.

There’s no denying that the fourth floor of Milstein hosts a particular kind of energy. During my first semester as a first-year, I ardently avoided the top floor of the library out of pure fear; the most quiet floor seemed to be the most intimidating floor. I have come to love this study spot in recent months. The people there are lovely and truly respect the stringent silence (for the most part), making this one of the best spots on Barnard’s campus to get work done without any distractions.

For others, silence isn’t the selling point. Whatever the reason may be, here is a playlist which caters for the two types of people who study on the fourth floor: people who need the comfort of music, and people who prefer the tranquility of subliminal brown noise. The best of both worlds!

Image via Bwog Archives