Don’t want to do work? Listen to these songs and stare at your roommate for an hour instead!

If you’re like me, you roommate (1) is very fashionable, (2) never leaves their room, (3) loves to procrastinate, and (4) has a speaker. This means two things: constant dorm fashion shows and a need for accompanying music. Sometimes, there’s nothing more entertaining than sitting on your bed with low-stress homework, groovy music, and watching your roommate who Has A Vision. Every time you doubt her. Every time you’re wrong. How can she pair a black and white Hot Topic corset with a brown plaid skirt and a red and green butterfly-stitched sweater? Everything clashes—the colors, the textures, the aesthetics. This is sure to be the ugliest outfit known to man. But alas, my roommate must be the ghostwriter for all of Vogue and the mastermind behind New York Fashion Week. Because every. single. outfit. is. the greatest outfit ever thought up???

Even writing this is leaving me speechless. What else is there to say? Just find yourself a fashionable roommate or a Viviana Pereyó Jimenez and get on with it. Put on this playlist—a mix of electronic, disco, and just a melting pot of Vivi and I’s music taste—and watch. Hope that someday you’ll osmose your roommate’s fashion sense, because you’ve already absorbed her music taste and sleeping habits. All you need now is her eBay password and credit card information.

Dress-Up Image Via Creative Commons.