Academia can be sexy too.

First of all, let me say that I’m not a PrezBo apologist like this repulsive Bwog author, and I don’t actually find him attractive. Anyways, a few weeks ago when Columbia posted that fun run picture of PrezBo on Instagram (we all know the one), I snorted to myself and thought “Not Columbia posting PrezBo thirst traps!”

Since then, that thought has plagued me. What if PrezBo did post thirst traps? What if PrezBo was really a DILF? So, when my never-ending midterms drove me to an untenable level of insanity, I submitted to those demonic inklings and fashioned the concept into an eye-scraping, tangible monster. Yes, it is horrific, but I cannot—will not—suffer alone.

Preemptively, let me just say that I am sorry. I am truly, unequivocally sorry.

PrezDILF Illustration via very troubled Bwog Illustrator