Rhapsodizing about everyone’s favorite bookstore’s sale table.

Ah, Book Culture. Such a conveniently located independent bookstore, a mere four blocks away from campus, the smell of used books and candles and lavender-scented microwavable stuffed animals beckoning me into its cozy interior. But (not so) hidden on the second floor of the store is a tantalizing trap: the sale table.

As you walk up the stairs, the low-priced books beckon you. The sales table for poetry, history, and philosophy is on the stairs, but it’s always the fiction that I desire. And oh! At the top of the staircase, a tempting promise of more books to come, a little sneak peek of the rest of the low-priced fiction awaiting me, for only the most eagle-eyed of patrons. 

And then, as we reach the top of this wonderful mountain: the table awaits. Piles and piles of books as far as the eye can see (and the table can fit). Normally, a sight like this is tempting, but I dare not venture any further, knowing that grabbing as many books as I can find will do nothing but wreck my wallet. But this is no normal display table. The sign prominently declares: “Sale Books: Literature.” The sides of the pages are marked with those distinct black dots. And, lo and behold, when you flip over the book to check the price tag, everything is less than seven dollars! 

I’ve spent hours (a few minutes) perusing the titles on offer at the Book Culture sale table. Just when I think my pile is full, I spot another book I’ve had on my Goodreads for ages, and I simply must buy it. For, when will I find it again for so cheap? In such good quality?

The Book Culture sale table is stocked with remainder books from the publishing companies, so they’re brand new, completely unmarked except for that distinct black dot. There is nowhere else I can find brand-new books for so cheap, so when I see one that I want to read, I am always tempted to buy it (and those low prices do add up quickly).

Whenever I have a rough day, or am feeling down, or am just feeling completely normal and happen to be on 112th street for whatever reason, I know the Book Culture sale table is waiting for me. 

Image via Bwog Archives