Big sub? More like big sub(traction) from Barnard’s profits!!!

This year, a slew of students, wrapped around Barnard’s perimeter, lined up for one thing: the big sub. A 750-foot, gargantuan monster of a submarine sandwich that would make Chef Mike pee his pants. One can only wonder… how does Barnard, a college where they can’t supply rooms with proper air conditioning, afford such a large sub sandwich every year? Well, we are here, an English major and human rights major, answering all of your queries. 

With the use of photomath (not sponsored), math papa (not sponsored), and of course our trusty phone calculators we have devised our projections:

We estimate there were around 400 of the sub-sections (pun intended) of the sandwich, each we estimate to be around 30 dollars for the company to make.

400 x 30 = 1,200 dollars

Adding onto this, you need the full sub experience, meaning chips, water, and a nice ice cream sandwich (don’t forget the ice cream sandwich cart cost). We estimate around 500 dollars each for chips and water and then 600 for ice cream sandwiches and 200 for renting a cart.

500 + 500 + 600 + 200 = 1,800 dollars

But don’t forget, this is a whole event. And what’s an event without balloons signifying what type of sandwich you are eating?

We estimate there were about 100 balloons on this occasion, each costing around three dollars each.

100 x 3 = 300 dollars

Now let’s add this all together to get the grand total.

1,200 + 1,800 + 300 = 3,300 dollars

If we’re being honest that’s a lot less than we expected. We actually expected this to be around 10,000 dollars. We don’t know why. Maybe big sub is justified. No amount of money can replace happiness. And big sub brings us joy. Isn’t that what we all want in life anyways?

This math is provided to you by Jess Tsang and Spencer Davimos. Thank you.

Big Sub via Bwog Archives