Hand-selected holiday gifts for the ones you love most (or least).

Don’t know what to get anyone for the holidays? Desperately want to tell them you’re a fan of Bwog? Then we have the holiday gift guide for you. We’ve got the classics, the new, the trendy, and of course, the bwoggiest gifts for your friends and family.

Your next holiday meal:

  • Singular Hewitt tofu cube.
  • Green grapes with zero context.
  • An apple cider recipe.
  • JJ’s catering.
  • Piles and piles of meal swipe Lays.
  • Hewitt gift card.
  • The Bad Soup recipe.

For your Barnumbia student needs:

  • PrezBo bobblehead?? Can we make this happen???
  • University funding.
  • Many cardboard cutouts of PrezBo.
  • Unironically a Columbia snow globe… like how cute would that be.
  • Stuff from the farmers’ market (Jam! honey! bread!)
  • Anything from the Columbia bookstore, especially something super useless and random like pencils or chocolate with the Columbia logo on them.
  • Joe Coffee coffee and/or mug.
  • Expensive Columbia cuff links.
  • Book culture bags, candles, shirts, stuffed animals, and stickers.
  • Doc Marten loafers.
  • A Chegg subscription.

For those of us having a rough semester:

  • A dry sense of humor.
  • Spare keys.
  • Potentially lewd dryer lint art.
  • Dating app subscription for someone who’s in a relationship.
  • Cigarettes.
  • A cute little lighter to go with the cigarettes.
  • A black-out poem of a shitty Spec article.
  • A pumpkin on fire.

And of course, Bwog presents:

  • Bwog flags to wear as holiday capes.
  • Bwog SOCKS.
  • The ability to book Lerner 555.
  • A scrapbook of Kyle’s post ideas that could’ve been #justiceforKyle
  • Bwog-branded personal intimacy items with portmanteau names.
  • More elusive Bwog stickers.
  • A subscription to Bwogletter.

My Passion Is Graphic Design via Wikimedia Commons and Author