Don’t let this semester’s graduates leave without bestowing all of their knowledge upon the Columbia community!

It goes without saying that graduating students are the wisest beings on every college campus. They know the best shortcuts to avoid walking by their advisors office, the best times to go to the dining hall, the best ways to get their preferred courses during registration. At one point or another, we’ve all run to the seniors we know, begging for these well-kept and well-earned secrets…

Bwog wants to know about those all-knowing graduates! If you know someone who is graduating at the end of this semester, Fall 2022, and has made a lasting impact on you and those around them, nominate them for a Bwog Senior Wisdom!

Tell us about the coolest cool girl in your Anthropology discussion section, or the guy who saved you from embarrassment at an ADP Lit Night. Nominate your favorite TA, your RA-turned-best-friend, a club president who took you out for coffee and supported your work, the upperclassmen who took you under their wing during Bacchanal, or the Writing Fellow who edited one of your papers (that one time you really needed it). We want to hear about every outstanding graduate under the bright Columbia sun!

Nominate all those incredible Columbia seniors via this anonymous Google Form or by emailing us at What we need to know: the nominee’s name, UNI, undergraduate college, and why they should get a Senior Wisdom. Feel free to browse through our Senior Wisdom archives for more inspiration. And remember, only nominate those graduating in Fall 2022.

Nominations are due next Friday, December 9 at 11:59 pm EST.

Sunny Columbia via Bwog Archives