Bwog embraced the season of giving (thanks) with their friends this week!

Bwog went to Bwogsgiving:

  • Went to Bwogsgiving!
    • Talked to/got to know some people I don’t normally talk to at said Bwogsgiving!
  • Bwogsgiving! Bwogsgiving after-party! Bwogsgiving pre-game with Meeral!
  • Went to Bwogsgiving on an empty stomach. two glasses of sangria really hit when you’ve not eaten!
  • Bwogsgiving! and other Friendsgivings! spent so much time with people!
  • Enjoyed Greek food with some Columbia news site.
    • Cried at Symposium.
  • Went to Bwogsgiving :).
  • Went to Bwogsgiving!! love you all.
  • Had an excellent time at Bwogsgiving + afterparty!
  • Bwogsgave.

Bwog felt the approaching winter:

  • Got my heat fixed (had no heat this weekend).
  • Went on a long run in the cold at night and redlined for 50 minutes because I was stressed. It was rejuvenating.
  • Was cold.
    • Was warm.
  • Froze.
  • Nearly doubled my sweater collection.
  • Waited in line in the freezing cold for absolute bagels on Saturday. Dare I say it wasn’t worth the wait? 
  • Went on a very nice but very cold walk through Morningside Park to get Levain cookies with my roommate.

Bwog bonded with friends:

  • Found out one of my friends is on the same flight home as me.
  • Had an hour-long discussion about op-ed sections with my floormate.
  • Went out to dinner with my SEAS roommate and her SEAS friend to celebrate them finishing a total of like seven midterms this week.
  • Was roasted by my friends for my caffeine intake.
  • Organized a successful Friendsgiving.
  • Celebrated a bwogger’s birthday (hi Marino <3).
  • Got Oren’s hot chocolate and apple cider with Paulina!
  • Saw my best friend for the first time in a year! 
  • Bonded with my roommates over burning cheese and trying our hardest not to turn on the building smoke alarm.

Bwog saw yet more concerts, productions, movies, and other perfomances:

  • Went to Alvvays concert with Kyle and Charlotte! turns out Simon was there and we had no idea???  
    • Cried a liiiiittle at the Alvvays concert because I’m proud of personal growth.
  • Saw Wakanda Forever, it was just alright, better than a lot of the stuff Marvel’s put out this year.
  • Went to see Natasha Leggero and Rachel Brosnahan! Got front row seats with my friend for $45. Such a steal. 
  • SAW IN THE HEIGHTS!!! It was so good!!!
  • Went to a concert and watched Just Some Guy from Oklahoma kill it vocally, on the guitar, on the piano, and on the harmonica. Go white boy go (love you John Fullbright).
  • Saw La Traviata at the Met.
  • Saw Henry IV and In the Heights on campus!

Baking via Pixnio