Bwog Daily Editors Talia Bloom and Ben Parkhurst spill the tea on which warm foods will bring you joy and which may just do the opposite.

As the ever wise Bwog editor-in-chief Sofia Fontaine once said, “The leaves are changing. It’s cold.” And do you know what that means? We’re sad. We’re cold. The sun sets at an ungodly hour. The pit of seasonal depression (see: “I’m not getting out of my warm bed ever again”) comes closer and closer to swallowing us up with every degree the temperature drops. What’s the antidote for this deep sadness and despair? Nothing other than hot foods and drinks. Well…usually.

Note: many of these foods are suitable for depression meals—low effort, late at night after a long day of not having eaten much, alone in the light of your kitchen or dorm lounge meals.

Foods to stave off seasonal depression:

  • Tea. Your grandmother was not wrong when she suggested tea to fix your cold. A steaming cup of tea (especially when made with tea bags stolen from the dining hall) (we do not endorse stealing) can be the perfect way to lift your spirits, or at least make you a little less frigid in the pits of your sadness.
  • Soup. Any kind will do, but some of our favorites include chicken noodle, artichoke, tomato bisque, french onion, and even instant ramen. A good bowl of soup may be just what you need on a dreary, cold night. Just stay safe and make sure your soup ends up palatable.
  • Mug cake. There’s a whole different set of standards when food comes out of a college microwave, making mug cakes an elevated level of delicious. Dry and pasty? Nahh. Gourmet and delicious, the perfect warm treat to add a little bit of sweetness to your sad, sad life.
  • Warm applesauce. With a hint of cinnamon and spice, this warm fall dish may bring “everything nice” to your life. Just trust us on this one. (Note: this applies to my Grandma Bo’s homemade applesauce. Cannot promise the same results with soggy, canned applesauce).
  • Mac and cheese. Wherever it falls on the boxed-to-homemade spectrum, some easy, cheesy goodness can be just what you need to lift your spirits in going to your 8 pm recitation. Plus, just like your mom may have done, it’s a great way to hide your veggies and feel healthy without tasting them.

Foods that quite possibly may further induce seasonal depression:

  • Hot chocolate (but only specific kinds): We’re talking about the most artery-greasing, chocolatey, depression meal at 2 am made by heating up milk in your microwavable mug, pouring in double the recommended amount of cocoa mix, and optionally something pepperminty if you want to feel real festive.
  • Any warm food from JJ’s. You may descend the stairs thinking the greasy diner food may give you a glimpse of sunlight, happiness, or warmth. It will not. You will likely leave let down, confused, greasy, and dreary.
  • Pie. Especially if you’re alone, pie can really make you miss the ones you love, and if you’re single, pie can really make you wish you had someone to share a slice of your metaphorical pie with.
  • Anything with butternut squash. The estranged child of the squash family. If for some ungodly reason you enjoy this vegetable (yes, biologically it’s a fruit but we love culinary definitions here <3), the mushy texture will have you missing the old days of being but months old and being able to cry 24/7 in a socially acceptable way.
  • Leftovers. With a few select exceptions, nothing is as good the next day as it was the first. At least you’re being conscious and not throwing away your food, but have fun with your dry chicken, soggy pizza, wilted salad, or chunky sauce.

Soup via Bwarchives