It’s all about the mindset.

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of “frat music” at the gym. Embarrassing, yes, but also highly effective. It gets me hyped up, and gives me the motivation to keep pushing. In addition to making me feel more confident and energized, blasting (objectively bad) music in my ears makes it a lot easier to ignore everything in my periphery. Furthermore, Dodge reminds me a bit of a frat basement at times, so this sort of music just works. (FYI: Not all of the songs below are actually played at these frats; rather, I selected music that gave off the same vibe as parties at these brotherhoods.)

Beta Theta Pi Simulator: Beta’s music is pretty standard for a frat, with a good mix of He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named (starts with Kan, ends with Ye), Jack Harlow, and Megan Thee Stallion. Many of these songs are, in my mind, the ideal tempo for running. In fact, if you see me on the treadmill miming ‘slim-thick’ with my hands while I run, or doing the Pretty Girl Bop in between sprints, know that I’m probably listening to this playlist.

Sigma Epsilon Simulator: Sig Ep has perhaps the greatest range in music genre of all the frats—from Kid Cudi, to Post Malone, to Taylor Swift—some of which is pretty good for doing cardio. If you wanna feel pumped up–and also nostalgic for middle school dances—this Sig Ep playlist is perfect for you. I chose not to include many songs I’ve actually heard at the frat because, well, I can’t totally picture myself making any PRs to “Closer” by the Chainsmokers (but to each their own).

Kappa Delta Rho Simulator: This KDR playlist is generally the type of music I listen to when I lift, and I find it especially good for doing lower body work. The frat plays a lot of the same stuff—mostly popular mumble rap and trap—which is helpful for getting (and staying) in the zone, though occasionally they’ll throw in some Latin trap, UK drill, or Afrobeats, all of which I believe belong in any good workout playlist. As humiliating as it is to admit, I’ve cranked out some of my best reps to Pop Smoke.

Image via Bwog Archives