Manifest boarding your flight on time with this playlist, which is sure to make you more on edge

It’s 5:17 pm on Thanksgiving Eve and you are trying to game the system. The weather outside can only be described as “extra crisp” and you are indeed running late for your flight home. You were going to take public transit to the airport, but forgot to factor in your pre-holiday ritual of violently running around your apartment, trying desperately to pack, clean, and prepare yourself for a family reunion. Brutal.

So you forego your principals and decide to order a $68 Uber to the airport instead, but find yourself in bumper to bumper traffic on Randall’s Island. Thoughts are racing, as is your heart. Now, what would calm your mind now more than ever? Some caffeine and an anxiety-inducing playlist.

Below is a playlist specifically curated for “traffic brain”. I hope that it makes being anxious more fun, because that’s what the holidays are all about.

Featured Image via Pixaby