Since we are feeling the absence of a new House of the Dragon episode this week, we’ve compiled a list of where we think the characters would study if they went to Columbia (CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS).

Viserys: In the Brooks lounge to be closer to Rhaenyra (Rhaenyra is a Brooks RA). Everybody is always wondering why there’s a GS student in the lounge.

Rhanys: In the Butler stacks, but in like a dominatrix outfit.

Corlys: He studies at the reservoir in Central Park, longing for the sea.

Mysaria: In her off-campus penthouse, getting her answers from a spy that looks over Rhanys’s shoulder while she studies.

Laenor (rip): Probably in his dorm, but he is in fact having sex with his roommate so not much studying is happening.

Helaena: In a Milstein floor two nook, headphones in, serious business. Mutters prophecies quietly to herself.

Laena (rip): Philosophy lawn on a picnic blanket against the tree.

Baela: In Butler 310 for sure, but gets her work done quickly to go hang out with Luke.

Aegon: Doesn’t study, just hangs around JJ’s yelling at people.

Jacerys: I feel like he studies in Lehman, I don’t know why. I do know that he blasts Cage the Elephant in his headphones though while he studies.

Lucerys (rip): He studies with friends in his dorm, but always goes to ask Rhaenyra for help and a hug. Avoids Aemond at all costs.

Ser Harrold: Definitely in Butler 301 with no music. 

Larys: At the Dodge pool… you know why.

Otto:  In a Butler floor four reading room, feeling self-important.

Ser Criston: Just paces on the Low steps, breathing heavily, in full gear.

Ser Harwin (rip): Wherever Rhaenyra’s studying but does work on random benches in Uris whenever she needs space.

Aemond: Sitting on Alma Mater.

Daemon: That’s a Milstein floor one man if I’ve ever seen one. Kicks people out of the green chairs to get a spot.

Alicent: On the ground floor of Avery standing up at the end of a table, bracing herself on her arms.

Rhaenyra: Standing at the other end of Alicent’s table making lots of eye contact, the tension is palpable. Nobody will convince me they’re not in love. I mean I’m in love with both of them, and with Emma D’Arcy. Emma, I love you. You’ve got a girlfriend waiting for you in New York if you ever want one. I will make you as many Negroni Sbagliatos as you want, and I’ll take you to Avery and we can make tension-filled eye contact from across the table.

Targaryen crest via Wikemedia Commons