Bwog investigates Barnard’s wreath-like decorations because they definitely aren’t just wreaths.

Bwog has discovered that the corpse of the Grinch is being cryonically preserved in the bowels of Altschul Hall. After noticing Barnard’s use of a peculiarly dull wreath for winter decorating, Bwog deployed an investigative team to get to the bottom of the matter.

Initial analysis of the alleged wreath samples indicated the presence of animal cells rather than plant cells. This prompted our investigators to further explore the locations where these structures had appeared. In each instance, the formations were found connected to air vents or sewage systems. Cross-referencing Barnard’s building plans showed that the locations intersected in Altschul Hall where our investigators found a hidden basement lab. There we discovered a frozen corpse covered in green fur and long, tendril-like growths erupting from it. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture photographic evidence as advanced technology in the lab disabled our devices.

After speaking with sources in the administration, we confirmed that the corpse was indeed the Grinch and was a hidden donation to Barnard College last year during the Barnard Year of Science. Apparently, it was meant to spur scientific advances at Barnard and position them to be a leading institution in the emerging study of supernatural beings. However, after a few months in the lab, the corpse spontaneously showed signs of life and began producing sporadic growths that extended over the campus. Previous attempts to hinder their spread have been unsuccessful and professors in the Biology department are researching new solutions.

This article will be updated as new information is revealed.

Grinch-like Growths via Bwog Staff