Plant aficionado? You’ve come to the right place. Bwog keeps our plants alive 70% of the time.

So, you go to Barnard. You have five plants in your life to keep you happy. But you’re going home for winter break, and your plants will be so lonely in your cold, cold dorm for a month. What are you to do? Luckily, you’re not alone. As all students across campus are cramming for finals, they’re all equally as worried about the state of their emotional support greenery. Lucky for you, Bwog has compiled the best ways to keep your overpriced plant purchases alive to further validate your green thumb. 

The tried and true Bwog solutions: 

  • Use little trays, fill them with water and put your plants in them. Definitely a little bit of risk of root rot but so far they have worked!
  • Find friends that live in New York to plant sit. 

Medical instruments: 

  • This seems impractical, but my friend’s dad hooked his house plant up to an IV for when they were out of town for a month. If you really wanted to commit to the bit. 
A doctor made this.
  • These adorable little slow release bulbs to put in our plants, but have yet to see how effective they are.
We <3 Reid.
  • This intubation system that I used when plant sitting.
Featuring Squishmallow.
  • Give them to Sophie Conrad who will take better care of them than you could yourself.
This article is just a pitch for everyone to give me plants.

Of course, we are at the Ivy League: 

  • Most houseplants should actually go around 2 weeks without a watering for optimal health! So the three weeks-ish we have off for break isn’t even that crazy of a time to not water them. Soak them thoroughly before you leave and they will most likely be perfectly fine when you come back! Xoxo, E3B major.
  • Do nothing. 

Plant Table via Author Sophie Conrad

IV via Bwog Staff

Plant Intubation via Bwog Staff

Squishmallow Plant via Author Sophie Conrad

I Can Sometimes Keep Plants Alive via Author Sophie Conrad