Who doesn’t love a good nickname?

Last May, Columbia announced that Dean Josef Sorett was succeeding Deantini as the Dean of Columbia College. He assumed the role in July and has been serving the Columbia College community since then, often seen looking rather dashing in a bow tie. 

But since then, a single thought has sat quietly in the back of every CC student’s mind: “There has to be a more fun way to say Dean Sorett.”

Back in 2011, when Deantini was first appointed to his position, Bwog ran a contest to name Dean Valentini. And while Dean Sorett shares the same number of syllables as Deantini—three—there’s a certain affectionate and endearing diminutive quality about Deantini that “Dean Sorett” is yet to possess. So like the Columbia students that came long before us 12 years ago, and with the literary powers imbued in us by the core curriculum, we must create a lovely, silly, brilliant, and fantastic nickname for Dean Sorett. It’s what he deserves.

Here are a few ideas we’ve been floating around at Bwog:

  • Dean JoSo
  • SorDean
  • SoDean
  • JoDean 
  • Deanett 
  • Jean
  • DJ Sorett

Have an idea? Comment, send an email to tips@bwog.com, or use any other form of communication to communicate your proposed nickname. 

Dean Sorett via Columbia College