Bwog gives you our warmest winter ideas!

We don’t have snow quite yet, but it’s been chilly! If the January weather is getting you down, look no further than Bwog’s list of suggestions for staying happy, cozy, and productive during the winter months of the new semester.

  • Buy a travel mug, steal some tea from the dining hall, and always have a warm drink!
  • Wear rainboots. I don’t care if they don’t match your outfit. They will make everything better.
  • Have movie nights with friends! And enemies I guess. There are so many buildings that are unlocked after hours and, especially since it is still dark early, you can have cozy movie nights by logging into classroom projectors and screening.
  • Put your blanket and/or comforter in the dryer and take it out when it’s warm and wrap yourself in it.
  • Get a depression lamp.
  • Sit in a first floor Milstein green chair in the morning and take a nap and let the sun wash over your face. 
  • Get a coffee maker that you can preset to the morning so fresh coffee smell can be your alarm clock.
  • Take a warm shower and put on clean socks and swaddle yourself in a blanket and watch “Time Lapse of the Future” so that school doesn’t seem so big (seriously watch it. it’s on YouTube. it’s amazing).
  • Watch old couples in big sweaters walking in riverside.
  • Take up knitting and put on a nostalgic show while you knit.
  • Wear a fun accessory or do fun makeup every day so when you’re sad you’ll catch your reflection and be like “omg I’m wearing such a fun scarf!” and be happy again.
  • Sit on your radiator.
  • Duck into a warm store whenever you are walking around campus. Look for little treats and warm your coooooold bones!! 
  • Spend time outside during daylight hours (especially if your room is shafted!!)
  • Wear gloves. Not having numb hands all the time is truly a game changer.
  • Decorate or re-decorate your room!
  • Spend time with your friends, doesn’t really matter what you do. Misery is more manageable in good company.
  • Create art about your longing for the sun’s warmth. Write songs, poetry, paint something, however you express yourself.
  • Finally, if none of these work, you can always transfer to a warmer college!

Bwog wishes you all the best for the start of the new semester!

Campus snow lion via Bwog Archives