Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is leaving office after five years.

Happening in the World: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that she will resign from her role next month. A vote for her successor will take place on February 7, and New Zealand will hold a general election later this year. Ardern indicated that she is resigning due to the pressures of her role over the years. She was the youngest female head of government in the world when first elected. (BBC)

Happening in the US: On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court denied a group of firearms dealers’ request to block New York gun laws. The new restrictions on gun sellers came after the Supreme Court ruled that New York’s ban on concealed weapons outside of the home was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court blocked a similar request a week prior, but Justice Alito indicated that the move was procedural. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Mayor Eric Adam’s administration within the NYC Correction Department has blocked a government watchdog agency in the Board of Correction from viewing camera footage inside of the Rikers Island prison. The staff can see footage upon request during specific business hours, a change from their prior access to 14,000 cameras within the prison. This camera footage has been used to investigate conditions within the prison. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Dr. Charlene Collier, MD, MPH, MHS,  the Medical Director of the Bureau of Maternal and Infant Health in the Mississippi State Department of Health will host an online discussion titled “Exploring the Ethics of Maternal Healthcare Post-Roe” on Thursday at 6:15 pm. Columbia’s Barbra Bluestone Rothschild, MD, will moderate. Register here.

New Zealand’s flag via Wikimedia Commons