As a chronic oversleeper and raging caffeine addict, I had to adapt to the fact that I never have enough time to stop for coffee. Below is my perfected formula.

Picture this: you wake up, and it’s 9:50 am. At 10:10 you have a french quiz in Philosophy. You do some quick math (to the best of your humanities-brain ability) and realize there isn’t time to stop at your beloved Peet’s Coffee on the way. This is how my morning goes almost every morning, so my quick coffee creation has become my craft.

Step One: Make the coffee!

I start my process by putting a Kcup (always a medium roast) in my Keurig, letting it brew while I run to the bathroom to get ready for the day. My coffee machine is my best friend and closest confidante, she sees me first thing out of bed in the morning and ravaged by stress for my third cup at 5 pm.

Quick tip: if you don’t have a coffee machine (or a kettle and instant coffee) you can buy iced coffee concentrate at Mo Willy’s (yes I call it that don’t come at me) or any grocery store.

Step Two: Milk and Sweetener!

I prefer oat milk creamer (also bought at Mo Willy’s) and regular sugar (2 packets for the maximum sugar rush) but you can use anything you want.

Step Three: Pour your coffee over ice. I like iced coffee and have a cute little ice tray in my fridge, so, therefore, I transfer my coffee from the mug I make it in into my travel mug. Otherwise, simply drink your coffee or put it in a thermos to take with you on your half-run-half-walk to class.


My daily coffee consumption via Bwarchives