Lions and basketballs and rainbows, oh my!

On Saturday, January 28, I had the privilege to attend the spiritual experience that was the Columbia Women’s Basketball Game: Pride EditionTM. I will admit that my only knowledge of sports comes from summer camp and the Super Bowl. Thus, this game was a lot for me to handle. But in a positive, life-changing way, I think? I am too in shock to format this like a normal Sports Article, so here are my takeaways (You can find the stats here by real, actual sports people! We won by a lot I think.) Please note: these are only slightly more coherent than the notes I scribbled down. Enjoy!

  1. Women.
  2. Our lights-dimming, announcing-the-players thing is actually hilarious. We’re so dramatic, and I am living for it.
  3. What is this Columbia song everyone is singing? Is it the Barnard or the Freshman that led to me not knowing this? Where does one find these lyrics?
  4. Pom poms make very pretty noises.
  5. What are the chances the Dartmouth player wearing a mask actively has COVID? I feel like they’re not zero.
  6. These birthday-party basketball children missing every free throw with Born This Way blasting in the background is possibly the best thing I’ve ever witnessed. 
  7. The buzzer is SO absurdly loud. Could we make her a little less aggressive? Pretty please?
  8. Women.
  9. Oh, PrezBae. Methinks you have a *stomp clap* conflict of interest, Ms. Girl. Are you rooting for Columbia or Dartmouth? 
  10. I think I’m scared of cheerleaders.
  11. Roaree is actually terrifying. How are the birthday party children not terrified? Why am I so terrified of mascots? Why am I scared of so many things?
  12. What is this triple double thing and why is everyone cheering? (Turns out, it was very impressive. Shoutout Kaitlyn Davis!)
  13. Lastly, women.

Anyways, 10/10 experience. Would highly recommend. Roll Lions! Roll women!

Women’s Basketball via Bwarchives