Guest Writer Arlette Gindi shares a poem for a new roommate.

Stuart Little—

with a tail as long 

as the Great Wall of China

And eyes as furious

as a mother using her child’s full name—

You’ve found the bag of pistachios 

that I kept on my wooden windowsill 

And chewed your way through the plastic. 

Stuart Little—

with gray fur as oily and sleek 

as my hair on day three without a wash 

And a squeal as piercing 

as the needle that went through my septum last month—

You’ve made my small room your home 

and found solace for yourself 

Inside my dusty radiator’s corners. 

Stuart Little—

our time together was sweet

And, for a while, 

you made a lovely roommate. 

But please, 

I beg, 

Get the fuck out! 

Rat via Bwarchives