Futter Field? Futter Dirt Patch? Either way, we called it.

Dearest Readers,

We have reached a Part Three in our highly contested, closely watched tent saga. Our loves, please buckle in.

As you dedicated Bwog readers must remember, we (Jessica Tsang and Talia Bloom) created an article on October 14 about Futter Field’s absolutely atrocious tent. Now, just three months later, we are back regarding the closing of the Futter Field tent. We have to say we were a little shocked when we heard this news, but we were not surprised. You all doubted us. You wondered why we would come up with these heinous propositions, knowing that they would never be resolved, some of you even defending the tent’s usefulness. Yet, despite your lack of support, we persisted, carefully crafting our strong hate letter towards the Futter Field tent, begging for the day when we would be able to frolic again. But now we don’t have to worry because our field—well, dirt patch— is back!

Frolicking, picnics, naps—all of these will now (soon) be available to Barnard baddies (hopefully), granted our lovely little dirt patch gets a little greener. 

Now, to commemorate the Futter Field tent:

The Futter Field tent (March 1, 2021 to December 28, 2022) was born due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a need for extra seating outdoors. After this past winter break, the tent ceased to exist, and instead, a sad patch of dirt took its place. We will remember you, tent, for your shelter on rainy days. The days we didn’t feel like walking on the walkway trying to get from the quad to the other side of campus. We will remember you, tent, for when there was no seating in Milstein, so we had to study outside in the freezing cold. We will remember you, tent, for your countless Barnard events that us freshmen would never be able to attend. Thank you, tent. You will be missed.


We hate tents. Obituary yadda, yadda—who are we kidding? Any of our loyal readers will know our absolute disdain for tents. The Futter Field tent was a disgrace, flooded with pigeons, and blocking off quality frolicking real estate. The amount of sunlight Barnard students lost due to its presence was incredibly damaging. And it was so ugly. No words, just: so. Ugly. 

Thank you, Barnard, for finally righting your wrongs. For finally bringing back our beloved field. Only 27 months too late.

We’ll catch you frolicking!

Much love,

Jess and Talia

Futter Dirt Patch Via Bwog Staff