It’s that time of year again! What weird buildings has Columbia put your humanities classes in this semester? 

I have French on the Engineering Terrace, which for me, a vulnerable freshman humanities student, was a harrowing journey, to say the least. Calling it a terrace is so misleading. It’s just a hallway in the backrooms of Mudd. Two floors down. Not giving terrace. There are seniors in my class who didn’t know where it was which made me feel less directionally challenged. I think it should at least be called the Mudd engineering terrace because you have to go in through Mudd which I initially did not do. Whoops.

Last semester my French class was in Uris, weird, okay, but at least it was easy to find. This semester I have Anthropology in the Kraft Center which is also bizarre, but the desks in the lecture hall are really big so no complaints from me. 

In light of this dependable Columbia phenomenon, here are some of the weirdest places Bwoggers’ various non-stem classes have been held:

  • French on the Engineering Terrace, which should just be called “some hallways in Mudd”
  • Anthropology in the Kraft Center, there should be more lectures here tbh
  • CC in a Broadway residence hall, first-hand study I guess?
  • CC in Carman
  • CC in Pupin
  • LitHum in Hartley
  • British Lit class in Lerner behind the Ferris kitchens
  • Arab Music Ensemble in the attic (eighth floor) of Dodge
  • Anthropology seminar in a steep Pupin lecture hall described as a “vertical seminar”
  • Canterbury Tales class in Noco
  • Chinese Religions in Fairchild
  • Mafia History in Schermerhorn
  • Senior seminar in Chandler
  • Chinese in Pupin
  • FroSci in Lerner
  • First-Year Writing in Altschul
  • Queer Theory in Havemeyer

Where in the World is your Class Today Map via Bwog Archives