Bwog loves sportsball!!! Especially of the basketball variety.

This past Saturday, on February 4, six Bwoggers assembled to roll up to Dodge, primarily to snag a Columbia Women’s Basketball T-shirt. After claiming our respective merch, we shuffled into the gym, the energy of which could’ve been felt from outside the fitness center. The crowd was electric. It was loud. Like, so loud. The student section was packed, and we were quickly corralled into our seats.

Then it occurred to us: we’re representing Bwog and our primary motivations for attendance are our slight obsession with the team, and a free shirt…How do we cover this?!

Write real sports coverage of the sports game? Write a silly little article breaking down the demographics of the crowd? (34% Barnard students in love with the team, 27% CC men who came to heckle Princeton, 3% Princeton alums who had the nerve to cheer in their tiny little section, etc.). A detailed description over our Soccer Mom instincts and utter emotional destruction of the game? An in-depth review of the elementary school basketball scrimmage? 

None of them seemed to fully capture the experience that was the game. So we must give it to you in quote form. Please enjoy our oral history of the game.

“So… this is what school spirit feels like!?”

“Ahhhhhh I love them!!!!!!!”

“These shirts are fabulous.”

“I feel like a soccer mom. I am so stressed for them.”

“Why does the one dance team man get sweatpants??”

“Oh my god she’s so pretty.”

“The sweeper people are really the stars of the show.”


“Are those cheerleaders twins?”

“Why are we booing???”

“I love that we got pom poms!!”

“I’m so invested in the kids’ game at the halftime show.” 

“OMFG why are these kids so good??”

“Those Princeton fans have NERVE.”

Women’s Basketball via Bwog Staff