To commemorate the recent celebration of Bwog’s 17th birthday, Staff Writers Sofia Montagna and Hannah Keyes decided to make a list of 17 things we love about Columbia!

  1. We love the low quality of our frat parties’ music. When you go to Beta on a Friday night, why shouldn’t they play so much techno that moshing is less fun than studying? If they could do every other school’s rotation of Bad Bunny, Pop Smoke, Polo G, and Lil Baby—songs that actually get people hyped—that would be far too basic.
  1. On a similar note, we also love frat parties’ failed attempts at themes. Why should anyone who isn’t in the frat know what theme they’re walking into?
  1. Bwog loves the ledges above Low Steps! While over-posted, they make for cute group photos!
  1. Bwog loves the “take the stairs, burn calories” signs on the 7th floor of Hamilton. When you’ve slept five hours and you haven’t eaten lunch yet, you want to be guilt-tripped into climbing five flights of stairs!
  1. Bwog loves Blue Bottle. The cold brew really is the best cold brew you will ever taste. And there is just something about going out of your way to go and pay $8 for a cold brew when you have hundreds of unused dining dollars in your account.
  1. We love Morton Williams! College students love paying multiples of the retail price for all their basic necessities! It makes sense that a 6-pack of razor blades would be $49 (not an exaggeration, I’ve checked the price).
  1. Bwog loves the french toast at JJ’s! Hands-down the best Barnumbia late-night snack!
  1. Bwog loves class registration! It’s become a school tradition to have every class you need to take to graduate get filled by the time that your registration time arrives.
  1. We love the burrito bowls at Diana (a staple in the Barnard diet)!
  1. Bwoggers love not being able to use their Barnard points at Columbia dining halls! It seems that $80,000 in tuition isn’t enough to cover the cost of a smoothie at Cafe East.
  1. Bwog loves John Jay’s ice cubes. Far and beyond the best cubes to be found on campus. Truly an ice connoisseur’s dream—who doesn’t love those perfect icy little nuggets?  
  1. Bwog loves that Barnard finally put an end to the Futter Field tent era—the mud rectangle era is definitely superior. When will Futter Field be free? 
  1. We love our weekend quests for food! When every dining hall is closed, there’s no hangover cure in sight except JJ’s french toast.
  1. We love Blue Java! That Butler caffeine infusion hits every time.
  1. Bwog loves when there is literally not a single seat available in Butler during midterms and finals! Sitting on the floor is so fun! 
  1. We love Barnard’s therapy dog events! Cute dogs are the ideal solution to the Sunday Scaries.
  2. And of course, as the BEST student news organization on campus, Bwog loves Bwog!

Header via Bwarchives